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art bykenny

Two new painting soon ready to be showed in ”my gallery” and for you who like them alot, please let me know, they are all for sale 🙂

or if you have specific request for a motive, i can make you a special design painting.

Maybe wanna surprise your loved one at home, or think ahead of father for father-day in november.


love K

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follow my instagram


IMG_8263  Jacket – bykenny

Yellowpants – marwin for JC

White shirt – Zara

New furniture

Im doing my best to find a new sofa to buy for my apartment. And i’m thinking of a Oxford Sofa, in a discreet colorshade, and then pimp it up with bykenny-made pillows and blankets. To give the room color and light. I mean the sofa is gonna be there for a while, but i can make new pillows every year if i want to 🙂

I love the design on the pillows by the way, it has the late 1700th early 1800th kind of way!


what do you think?


love K



Gay Wedding

Wedding by Icebar Stockholm. Styling:

Kenny Eriksson

Foto: Ada Elmgart  Wedding

I think it is of great important that every one on this planet is treated the same, by the laws of human rights! It is a human right to love whom ever they want. It is a human right to express your love by the saint of holy matrimony.

I was blessed to work with the first Gay Wedding held in Icebar Stockholm, by Nordic Light Hotel. Magnus and Joachim was married during Stockholm Pride 2013, and to witness this joyous moment was a true blessing!



to sum it up, it’s been great! My brother was here visiting me from the westcoast, he had a tournament here called Stockholm open he was attending. When he was off doing that I had my work cut out for me with a big wedding on saturday night.

But on sunday we had the chance to spend some quality time together so we went to see ”Elysium” with Matt Damon and Jodie Foster! i agreed with IMDB to give it a 7.2. Good but not great, beautiful and land weird at the same time. Expected more though, but i like the actors so the got away with it.

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