About me

My journey started years ago with a passion for art, form, design and beauty.  Today I would like to offer my own ideas, my unique style and a professional engagement to design.

Born on the west coast of Sweden, I moved to Stockholm at the age of 21 after studies and internships abroad. Working with television, I got an invaluable education in scenography, costume-design and styling.

By experience from working 13 years in the restaurant and hotel business I know that it is the important details that bring the little extra touch. I have learned by working with and for the best in each respected field, whom I thank for all the wise education, that there is no such thing as giving up. The job needs to get done, and with the right engagement and passion it can blow everyones mind. That kind of philosophy is bringing me forward each day. I am always looking forward to the next challenge, because a job is suppose to be challenging, to push you to always become better in what you do.